Karan Expresses Love For Bipasha Over Instagram


Mumbai: Actor Karan Singh Grover, took to Instagram to express his love to his soon-to-be wife Bipasha Basu.

Karan shared a poem dedicated to our Bengali Bombshell Bipasha Basu. He shared an image of both of them along with the poem.

The poem reads:

“You take away all the darkness, you take away all my pain…You walk me through the storm, you take away all the darkness, you take away all my pain…”

“You walk me through the storm, through sunshine and even the rain…You give me peace, you shower me with love and fill every moment of my life with glee…With your faith and your trust you show me not who I am but who I can be…”

“You pat me on my back when I’m right and kick my a** when I’m wrong…You show me how beautiful this life is even if our path sometimes seems weary and long…You are my partner, my lover, my soulmate, my own, my friend and much more than any word can portray…I promise to be with you as you are with me forever and a day…”

“Eight more days to go…”


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