Karachi’s Most Favoured: The Bombay Bakery


Islamabad: In the wake of the Uri attacks and consequent surgical strikes launched by India, Pakistan bans Indian media content and channels from being telecasted in their country. Earlier, India had put a ban on casting Pakistani actors in Bollywood films. This has creating a huge furor as varied opinions had divided sections among the Indian film industry.

Indian soaps are immensely popular in Pakistan. The Hindi-Urdu language barrier doesn’t pose a problem for the viewers. To keep company, munchies are kept at hand.

Residents of Karachi resort to Bombay Bakery for their daily dose of cakes and samosas. Amidst all the cross border tensions, Bombay bakery has not lost its charm. Be it festive season or normal days, Bombay bakery witnesses a long queue almost everyday.

Established in the erstwhile Sindh province, Bombay Bakery was started by one Kumar Thadani where bakeries were much in demand. Thadani had a special affiliation towards the name ‘ Bombay’. The second branch is in Karachi where it carved a niche for itself. Even after partition, the bakery has stood the test of time. Pakistanis are fond of the baked items,fritters from this age-old institution and they sell like hot cakes.


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