Kapil Fails to Get Madan Bail


Kolkata: In a major blow to Madan Mitra, the Calcutta High Court on Thursday rejected the jailed minister’s bail plea again. A desperate Madan in a bid to secure bail has this time placed high profile lawyer and former Union Law Minister as his counsel.

Sibal, a revered lawyer and much known for his splendid oratory failed to convince the court to grant bail to Madan. The CBI has vehemently opposed the bail saying that Madan holding the slot of Transport Minister of West Bengal might influence the investigation. Sibal also argued that his client is ready to forgo the ministerial berth if granted bail.

Sibal has argued that despite being an influential politician and a minister Madan Mitra never used his muscle to influence the ongoing probe, so his bail won’t influence the process in any way. The court, however junked Sibal’s arguments and said that the jailed minister is in a state of exerting influence on the probe.