Kanyashree suffers setback in Midnapore


Debnath Maity, Midnapore: The most favoured Kanyashree project of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee suffers a setback in West Midnapore since the project is not being properly implemented in the district. An administrative meeting was held in the district collector’s conference room. In the discussion many minor problems were discussed which can be solved easily. Then why is the project suffering a setback? Additional District Magistrate (Panchayaat) Susanta Chakraborty said, “We have started a survey into the matter. The BDOs have held talks with the schools. Once they submit their reports to the SDO, we will hold talks with the schools at the district level.

Nearly one lakh fifty thousand students have been brought under the Kanyashree scheme till now. Few thousand students have not not been brought under this scheme till now. Five thousand students above the age of 19 years have been given a monetory support. The number will rise. Apart from the district administration, the school will also have to take the initiative since they will only be able to tell about the problems faced by the students.