Kanti Needs ‘Social’ People To Win Polls


Kolkata: Raidighi Centre Left Candidate Kanti Ganguly takes the help of social media to win the assembly elections. Kanti made a post in facebook demanding people in the party who is more efficient in Information and technology and is expert in social media management. He or she should posses skills in English. The person should have knowledge about the ideology of CPM. Those who are interested can mail him the biodata.

Raidighi’s CPM candidate also said, to reach today’s masses without wasting money, social media is of great help. Hence I need people with social media experience. I need 3 to 4 volunteers for Raidighi assembly centre. Food, travelling expenses plus some more money will be given. Kanti also said, such volunteers are employed at other CPM Assembly centers.

CPM has earlier used Social media as a weapon for Promotion. Hence this facebook post has attracted more Youths.

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