Kannada Film Actors Still Not Found After 24 Hours


Bengaluru: The 2 actors who jumped from a helicopter into a reservoir in Karnataka are still untraceable after 24 hours on Tuesday.

Emergency and rescue experts have not been able to locate the two men who were not wearing life-vests because the scene they were filming needed them to be bare-chested.

The star of the film, Duniya Vijay,  performed the same stunt, but managed to swim to shore.

But co-stars Anil Verma and Raghav Uday disappeared in the backwaters of the TG Halli dam.  Television footage showed the three men jumping from a height of about 30 feet and surfacing in the water after a few seconds.

The crew was shooting the climax scene of regional Kannada film “Maastigudi”.

Police have registered a criminal case of negligence against the producers for ignoring basic precautionary and safety . “There were no life jackets, no rescue team nor an ambulance,” said a top police officer Chandragupta to news agency AFP.

Officials who are in charge of the reservoir say that the shooting took place in an unauthorized part of the dam and that the filming permit’s conditions were violated.

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