Kangaroos, Jaguars, House Deer New Attractions At Alipore Zoo

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Kolkata: After a gap of two years, visitors at Alipore zoo will get a glimpse of kangaroos. Four grey kangaroos, known to be the fastest kangaroo in the world, will arrive from Japan’s Yokohama Zoo soon as a gift from the zoo.

Other recent arrivals include a pair of jaguars, Asiatic lions and six mouse deer, all from Hyderabad zoo. These animals are being brought under an exchange programme.

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The director of Alipore Zoo said that grey kangaroos are hardier than the previous ones. The new enclosure developed for them is also bigger compared to the previous one. The animals will keep them in quarantine for a month before being put on public display.

Visitors will also get to see jaguars in the zoo after a gap of four years. After a long time, the zoo will also be getting a pair of pure Asiatic lions.