Kangana Ranaut Asks Police To Arrest Hrithik


Mumbai: The Kangana-Hrithik battle just keeps getting uglier day by day. In its most recent development, Kangana has taken a bold step by urging the police to arrest Hrithik.

According to TOI, Kangana’s lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee has written a letter to the commissioner of police alleging that Hrithik has “malafidely and mischievously” shared private emails that were sent to him by Kangana.

Although Kangana herself has not filed an FIR against Hrithik, the letter sent to the commissioner implies that Hrithik shared confidential photos of the Queen actor with the intent to damage her reputation. The letter has urged the commissioner to arrest Hrithik and also stated that it is the police’s duty to investigate the matter.

The letter reads: “My client Ms Kangana Ranaut has been given to understand that her absolutely private and confidential emails as well as photographs etc. which were collected by Mr Hrithik Roshan during his association with her are being malafidely and mischievously misused by Mr Hrithik Roshan with criminal intentions of damaging my client’s reputation and to willfully impute unchastity to her,” reports IANS.

The lawyer has said that while his client is “reserving her rights to file a proper complaint in the form of a FIR, you are in the meantime requested to immediately look into the said matter and prevent cognisance of any such offence if the same has yet not been blatantly committed.”

Previously, Kangana had warned the actor not to reveal his communications with her: “If he circulates her emails, images and/or other material which your client willingly received in good faith from my client then upon such circumstances it shall be rightfully deemed that your client is willfully seeking to not only defame her and issue unwarranted threats. These actions shall be taken extremely seriously.” She will then have no option but to file criminal proceedings against your client, at his risk, costs and consequences,” a notice stated which was sent to Hrithik by Kangana’s lawyers. Looks like she stuck to her word!