Kamarhati Jute Mill Shuts Down, Thousands Jobless

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Kamarhati: Kamarhati Jute mill has put up suspension notice in its gates, on Tuesday, leaving at least 3.5 thousand workers unemployed.

After the Phase 4 assembly polls ended on Monday, the workers went to the mill for their daily work. But they found out a suspension notice hung in the gates of the Kamarhati Jute mill, and the jute mill locked. 3.5 thousand workers became jobless.

The workers started protesting. They said that the authorities closed the mill in order to avoid paying them their pending wages as the mill closed several times in the past. They did not receive their wages for that period, when the mill re-opened. But the authorities completely denied the allegation. The owner said that due to lesser amount of production, such a decision was taken. The owner alleged that due to the poor quality work of the workers, the production reduced to a poor number, and thus the mill was incurring losses.

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A huge battalion of police reached the spot in fear of the creation of a huge chaos as the protest was being done by thousands. They have initially been successful in dispersing the crowd. But still peace has not set in.

It needs to be mentioned that this jute mill closed several times in the past. But, every time, it was re-opened after successful discussions between the owner and the workers. In one such incident, where, after several discussions, the mill opened before the April 5 assembly polls. But it again closed moments after the phase 4 polls ended.