Kamarhati Councillor Charged With Extortion Rampage


Kolkata: A councilor from Kamarhati has been charged with extortion issue on Saturday.

Ajita Ghosh Dutta, councilor of ward number 32, was accused of extortion. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had warned against extortion rampage after she took over as the Chief Minister of West Bengal in her second innings.

An acquaintance of the councilor made a complaint to the chairman of the corporation. The person who complained also accused the councilor of threatening him for lodging complaint against her.

An official from the Bengharia Corporation said that the party would not tolerate such extortions. He said that he received complaints from the person since many days. He even warned Ajita against this. He added that all the accusations against her would be investigated. If proved wrong, proper measures would be taken against her.

The official also said that the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has clearly stated that no hooliganism would be tolerated. Hence, if the councillor is proved wrong, the police would take proper steps against her.  The party would also take steps if proved wrong.

Dhrubajyoti Dey, Deputy Commissioner, Barrackpore (Zone-2) said, “We have received a written complaint. All aspects are being investigated. The investigators have spoken to the person who has brought the accusation.”

TMC leader Dola Sen was also accused of extortion rampage from auto and toto drivers. Several other extortion holders were also accused and held. The police are already looking for measures to end this extortion rampage.

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