Kalighat Kali Temple Decorated With 250 Kg Silver


Kolkata: Iconic Kalighat Kali temple, which is considered as an important Shakti Peetha, by the Shaktism sect of Hinduismhas been beautified with nearly 250-kilogram silver. The mythology of Daksha yajna and Sati’s self immolation is the story behind the origin of Shakti Peethas.

The sanctum sanctorum of the temple has been decorated with coloured marbles and the inner walls have been coated with silver coupled with fine carvings by the Rajasthani craftsmen.

Specially trained artisans from Rajasthan have played a vital role in the renovation of the 200-year-old temple in the city, said reports. According to the age-old tradition, the doors of the famous temple are closed around midnight every day and reopened for public ‘darshan’ after Mangal Aarti which is held around 4 am every day.

It was only during this period – four hours during which the doors remained closed – the artisans from Rajasthan could perform the beautification work. The beautification work of the temple – one of the holiest spots for Hindus – lasted for nearly two-and-a-half years.

As part of the temple beautification work, about 250-kilograms of silver was used to decorate the chhatra (parasol) of Goddess Kali and her throne. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had earlier announced plans to refurbish and beautify the area surrounding the iconic Kalighat Kali temple in the city, which is expected to start soon.

The Mamata Banerjee government had earlier refurbished and beautified surroundings of Dakhineswar Kali temple, Tarapeeth, Furfura Sharief, Belur Math, etc. The Trinamool Congress government now plans to beautify the entire Kalighat area, keepingthe basic structure intact and without evicting anybody.