Kali Puja Performed At CM Mamata’s Place Under Strict Vigilance


Kolkata: It is one of the most visited Kali Puja in the City. Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee performed Kali Puja at her residence at Kalighat last night. Worship of Ma Kali has done sincerely in her place.

Top-brass political leaders, their families, aged woman of a home were there who participated in the programme. The celebrities of Tollywood, important personalities of society illuminated the place with their presence. The puja is running for last 40 years at CM’s place.

Two gates have been made. One from VIPs’ another for the common people. The entire area has been covered with high security. The puja running under strong vigilance. Police are alert over the situation on the day of festival of lights.

The Kali idol hhas been brought from Midnapore on the concern of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. The puja has been performed at her house for several decades now.

The CM, who was fasting during the day and prepared ‘bhog’, played host to a large number of guests including VVIPs, cabinet colleagues, politicians and commoners last night.