‘Kalantar Might Comeback As Fortnightly Newspaper’


Kolkata: Kalantar, the mouthpiece of the West Bengal State Council of the Communist Party of India, might be published as a fortnightly newspaper.

Kalantar, a daily Bengali-language newspaper, will close down on October 31 after 52 years of publication due to financial cricis. As per sources, process to publish Kalantar as a monthly or fortnightly newspaper, has begun within the party. CPI’s state general secretary Swapan Banerjee said to Kolkata24x7– “Kalantar might comeback as a fortnightly newspaper. In that case, how will it be done will be decided by the party.”

Kalantar started its journey from December 29 1962 was the name was given by Left poet Bishnu Dey. The header of the ‘Kalantar’ daily was designed by the legend film maker-artist Satyajit Ray himself.

According to party sources, Mamata Banerjee in power in the state and Narendra Modi in the Centre has posed a threat to the publication of Kalantar. The newspaper did not get state government advertisements sice 2011. The Centre’s Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity (DAVP) advertisements were also stopped after 2014.

In 2004, Kalantar was an 8-page colour newspaper. The then central information minister Jaipal Reddy and the then party general secretary AB Bardhan were present in the programme of publishing Kalantar in colour. Other newspapers were published before from Kalantar’s own printing house at Jhautala road, but now it does not happen.

According to state general secretary Swapan Banerjee the Leftists do not leave their fight and hence Kalantar will come once again, maybe as a fortnightly paper.