Kajol was Not The First Choice for Dilwale


Mumbai: Bollywood Diva Kajol is returning on silver screen after five years with Dilwale. In an interview with DNA the legendary actress claim that she never thought she could act in a Rohit Shetty film as she was the last one to be approached for Dilwale. She further added that her daughter was the one to convince her to take up the movie.

“I was the last one to say yes to the film because  I was the last one to be approached for the film, I think. I pretty much told them, then and there, when they narrated the script that yeah okay, I agree with it and I’m doing it” the actress said.

Answering the question about the experience with SRK, Kajol said, “We just simply choose films together, randomly. It’s not at all planned. We love working together. When we do a scene together, it’s very instinctive, very spontaneous and not rehearsed at all. That in itself is very natural and sensible. That is maybe what people call chemistry because I never sat down to analyse why it works and why it doesn’t.”

“He’s still a pure actor on sets. Pure means that he’s 100 per cent an actor when he’s on the sets shooting. I feel he’s grown a lot. I have never seen anybody work so hard to retain and keep his stardom and grow 100 folds the way he has. He works very, very hard,” she added.