Jutemills shut down at N 24 Parganas


North 24 Parganas: West Bengal sees a series of shut down of jutemills. After the Hooghly jutemill, the Webley jutemill at Shyamnagar, the Nadia jutemill at Bhatpara have also been shut down. As a result of the closure of these jutemills, around 7500 workers are almost out of work.

According to sources, over 25oo labourers are out of work at Bhatpara. They had complained of irregular wage at the factory and have debarred themselves from appearing for work. At Shyamnagar, Around 5000 workers have been ripped off from their duty. The mill authorities have cited the reason that as there was no enough production, it has been difficult for them to carry on with the processing unit. Appearing for work in the morning of Monday, the workers saw a suspension of notice hung at the gate of the jute mill.