Justice Warns Mayor As His Armed Guards Enter Court


Kolkata: The justice of the Calcutta High Court warned Mayor Sovan Chatterjee as his security guard entered the court during an on going session along with arms.

A hearing was scheduled at the Calcutta High Court on Tuesday over Sovan Chatterjee and Ratna Chatterjee’s divorce. Ratna Chatterjee had filed a case against the mayor in demand for compensatory money. Ratna said that she has spent 15 lakh rupees for their child. The hearing was under Justice Sabyasachi Bhattacharya. Their case was lined up as number 34.

At around 2:30 in the afternoon, the Mayor along with Baisakhi Banerjee entered the
Court’s E-Gate without anyone noticing. Then they entered the court room, while another hearing was on.

Being the city’s mayor, he was having a tightened security. He entered the room along with his securities. According to sources, all the security guards had entered with their guns, which is against the rule of the court.

As long as the Mayor was there, everyone’s attention in the room was in Baisakhi’s direction. Several asked her about the case which led to the mayor’s discomfort.

The armed guards were around the Mayor. Hence the people inside the court were finding it difficult to leave. Ramaprasad Sarkar, a lawyer, told the Justice that the guards are inside the room and had arms, which breaks the rule of the court. On this the Justice question who the Mayor is. On this, Sovan Chatterjee was in an unusual situation as the Justice wanted to see him.

When the Mayor got up to answer, the Justice lashed out at him. He questioned that did he not know being a person of such stature that arms are not permitted inside court premises.

Immediately, the Mayor ordered his security to leave the room. The Justice also expressed disappointment over the presence of Baisakhi. He angrily asked that who asked Baisakhi to come in the court.

However, despite of waiting for a long time, the hearing was not held. The next day of hearing is on Thursday. Post this, the Mayor left the court.

Both the Mayor and Baisakhi left the court without attending the media.