Junior doctors Go for Work Strike at R.G.Kar


Kolkata: R.G. Kar Medical College & Hospital in Kolkata turns into a battlefield after the death of a patient on Sunday, said police. The junior doctors have been beaten by the family and neighbours of the deceased patient. One Junior doctor has been injured. The road has been blocked for several hours near Tala Bridge causing trouble for Sunday commuters. And demanding security at work, the junior doctors have gone for a work strike.

According to Police Sources, Kashipur’s resident Deepak Singh met with an accident while returning home with friends on Saturday night. He received severe head injuries and was taken to R.G. Kar Medical College and hospital. Junior doctors provided him primary treatment and released him. Deepak’s health condition declined after that and he was again taken to R.G.Kar medical Hospital. He was left untreated for two hours and then taken for a C.T Scan. But Deepak died within this time.

According to police, Due to negligence in treatment, family and neighbours ramaged the hospital and started beating the junior doctors. Police have captured one of the friends of the dead patient. Family and friends protested in front of the tala bridge and caused road blockage. People commuting the road faced trouble. Police came and removed the protest. The Junior doctors demanding security of themselves went on work strike. Hence services of the hospital is temporary disrupted. Patients coming from far are returning back.