Jungle Mahal’s Amal Waits For Didi On Rakhi


Belpahari: Back in 2016, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had stopped her convoy and
got down to have tea at Amal’s shop. The convoy was on its way to Bepahari from Jhargram. Not only did she enjoy having tea at Amal’s tea shop but also fed to the ministers, political leaders and bodyguards who were travelling along with her.

Tea-seller Amal Patra was startled to see a figure of such stature walking to his shop. Before that day, he had seen the CM only on TV.

Amal shared with Kolkata24x7 his experience on that day in 2016, “Suddenly several cars stopped in front of my shop. Initially, I could not understand anything. Then, I saw Mamata didi came out of her car. I was shocked to see her. She had tea in my shop and asked why my shop was a hut. She also enquired the problems associated with and what can be done to help me. She also gave me 1500 rupees which I did not wish to take. Mamata didi’s stepping into my shop itself was a big thing for me.”

Did Amal tell the CM about his needs? To this Amal said, “Yes, we all had requested her to make Malabati School a high school. This will help the students from not travelling 7-8 kilometres for attending studies. Didi had at that time instructed over the phone to do the needful.”

The Malabati school is yet to become a High School. Amal still do not have a concrete house despite of being in the BPL category. But that did not affect Amal. Amal has a picture of Mamata Banerjee having tea in his shop. This picture is hung in his shop. It is captioned as – ‘দিদির আশীর্বাদ মাথায় নিয়ে, অমল পাত্রের চায়ের দোকান।’ It roughly translates to ‘With Didi’s blessings, this is Amal Patra’s tea shop.’

What does Amal want in Rakhi? Amal from Jungle Mahal says clearly, “What more can
we ask for? You have seen everything. I try to live a happy living from my small tea shop. She is the Didi of poor people like us. She will obviously do something thinking of my condition. But there is only one wish. If Didi comes here once again, comes to have tea in my shop, then will wish to wear Rakhi from her hand.”

Reporting By: Shekhar Dubey

Edited By: Saheli Dey