Jubilant Blatter calls himself ‘President of Everybody’

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Zurich: After becoming the president of FIFA for the fifth time, Sepp Blatter declared himself the ‘president of everybody’. Washing away all oppositions,  Blatter  claims to have a ‘secret plan’ to improve the rock-bottom reputation of world football’s governing body.His 133 to 73-vote victory drew widespread condemnation, with former Manchester United executive David Gill quitting his role within the corruption scandal-hit organisation.

It raises the possibility that UEFA, European football’s governing body, will order national teams, including England to boycott the next World Cup, Blatter’s cash cow tournament, if he doesn’t quit.American investigators, who are threatening a fresh round of arrests over bribery allegations, are may put pressure on already-jittery big sponsors such as McDonald’s to stop funding FIFA.

Blatter’s extraordinary comments came moments after securing a fifth term as president, when he told opponents and supporters in Zurich: ‘It is my congress, I have the right to make the closing remarks. This is a very important congress.But he was in a jubilant mood, adding: ‘You see I am in a good mood. I was a little bit nervous today, but now I am the president of everybody, I am the president of the whole FIFA.’

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