JU website hacked:’Admission’ leads to ‘Adult’ link


Kolkata: The official website of Jadavpur University has been allegedly hacked by certain rogues on Monday morning. .It was found out this morning that once anyone clicked on the admissions section on the home page, it was either directed to a porn site straightaway or several pop up ads appeared which, when clicked on, would take you to dating or adult sites.

The JU authorities had given their nod to this incident as an official had said, “Yes. I have heard about the incident and have informed my officials concerned to take care of it. We have also put in a police report against the hacking,” said Pradip Ghosh, registrar, Jadavpur University. He also said that the objectionable comment was removed from the website then and then.

This is not the first time that the university website has been hacked. In last December, during the hokkolorob movement was on, against the lathi charge on students by police  allegedly on the behest of the then vice chancellor Abjijit Chakrborty, the site had been reportedly hacked and hackers had put up an ‘I am sorry’ message at the VC’s desk button.

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