JU students go hungry over VC’s resignation


Kolkata:Ever since JU students were bashed up by the Police on the night of 17 September last year, the university has been the epicenter of protests and rallies by the students who have been demanding the resignation of Vice Chancellor Abhijit Chakraborty. They had even refused to accept their certificates in his presence.

Since last night, 12 students of JU have started observing hunger strike until death putting pressure on the VC to resign. Student have claimed that they have organized mass- polling in which most of the students have voted against the Prof. Chakraborty, but VC is still against resignation.

According to the students the VC has lost all moral right to remain in his position and should resign immediately. Protest rallies have been organized including the mass movement termed ‘Hok Kolorob’ against the barbaric act of the police.

Latest developments at the university claim that the VC is willing to enter into a discussion with the students but they are unwilling to settle for anything less than his resignation. At the convocation ceremony of the university, the VC was welcomed with slogans of ‘Go Back’.

TMCP state General Secretary Tamagno Ghosh questioned the authenticity of the mass voting organized by the students. He said, “Good relation should be maintained between students and teachers. The Education Minister has said that he is willing to talk with everyone. Students should stop playing tug-of-war and came to a peaceful solution”.

Students are adamant. So are the VC and the state administration. Now can the hungry students shake the legs of the VC’s chair?? The question hangs in the bargain.