JU Curbs Alumni Power


Kolkata: The VC of Jadavpur University held a meeting with 5 ex-students on Tuesday.

The decision taken in the meeting was that from now onwards prior permission will have to be taken from the concerned authorities of the university before booking the Triguna Auditorium of the Jadavpur University. The chief of the ex-students and the university authorities will jointly take decision in this case. The ex-students will not have the sole right to take decisions regarding Triguna Auditorium. The chief of ex-students have not given any response to this decision.

This step comes as a measure to ensure peace in the JU campus. Turmoil in JU campus began on Friday evening, when Agnihotri entered the campus for the screening of his politically based film ‘Buddha In A Traffic Jam’. He was shown black flags by the university students and his car was gheraoed. Despite permission being denied to hold the screening at Triguna Bhawan, Agnihotri decided to screen the film in open air. When Agnihotri began the screening, university students started screening another film, ‘Muzaffarnagar Baaqi Hai’ on the other side. Minutes later, the two groups—several ABVP supporters accompanying Agnihotri and the university students—got into a scuffle, resulting in clashes.