Joya Ahsan Faces Controversy On ‘Devi’


Dhaka: ‘Devi’, a novel by Humayun Ahmed has been ‘adopted’ for a film produced by Joya Ahsan. The film supposed to release in both Bangaldesh and India. Meanwhile writer’s daughter Shila Ahmed has claimed that no permission has been given to use the novel into a film. She is also an actor in Bangladesh. It is facing a legal affair in regards of copy right.

Misir Ali, a character created by renowned writer Humayun Ahmed. The character holds a scientific, psychological, logical attitude in life. ‘Devi’ is one of the novel of this series. Jaya Ahsan is set to make her debut as a producer with ‘Devi’. The character of ‘Misir Ali’ had been performed by Chanchal Chowdhury. The film is directed by Anam Biswas.

Shila Ahmed came with an information that ‘Devi’ will first release in India then in Bangladesh. But it doesn’t matter as no copy right has been given to any of the responsible authority. How Bangladesh government is sponsoring a film without anyone’s concern from the family ? Strangely it has been made and ready to release in countries.

কলকাতায় ‘দেবী’ ছবির মুক্তি নিয়ে বিপাকে জয়া আহসান

Now Jaya Ahsan is a famous face in India and Bangladesh. Film enthusiasts are excited and goofing up on the issue. Reportedly, it is almost on the verge of its post production. Information Ministry of Bangladesh has directly sponsored the film. But the direct allegation has brought out controversies. Sila Ahmed expressed her agitation on Facebook saying, “How Bangladesh Government is sponsoring an adoption without legal authenticity?”

Shila Ahmed stands with, “ We have all kinds of right to take decision on our father’s literary creation if it getting adopted or interpreted.” ‘Dignitaries of Society’ are responsible for taking permission from writer’s adult successors if somebody is wishing for an adoption.