Journey of A Thousand Miles Began With A Single Step


Before going into the depth, we, Kolkata 24×7 – English team would like to thank all its faithful readers, viewers and followers of Kolkata 24×7-English news portal on its 2nd birth anniversary. We thank you because without you we could not have stood where we are today. Your immense support has brought us a notch higher and journeyed us through to its second year.

We are taking a time off to thank all of you for your great love and support for our 24×7 service. You are the only reason we keep holding on to the keyboard. Before launching our portal we had to reassess goals. The journey was not so easy but now the journey is in our soul and passion.

There has never been a moment that we refused or declined to cover any important incident. Such is the one which occurred on March 31, 2016. After hearing the tragic ‘Posta flyover’ incident, we, with camera and our boom rushed to the spot without any delay and stayed there until and unless normalcy resumed. Our desk editors also were engaged with the reporters 24×7 and gave all updates continuously.

Before the Posta flyover tragedy, we visited Jangal Mahal in 19th February, 2016. It is not that we, as journalists, just indulge ourselves in breaking or rather hard news. We give equal importance to soft angle news too. Kolkata 24×7- English team brought to you the scenic beauty and the aura of Mother Nature of Jangal Mahal.

Kolkata 24×7 English news portal had started their journey on 25th January 2015 and till now it moves swiftly. Kolkata24x7 English steps into 2nd anniversary on 25th January 2017. Many ups and downs came but we never bended. We started again with new enthusiasm. All hurdles that came to our path, we erase it with smile and hard work.

The portal started with few employees who worked dawn to dusk, but now we have more powers. We are very much grate full to your love and support and hope you will stay with us in future. And, last but not the least; all the ex-employees of Kolkata 24×7 English also helped us in making it a leading news portal of Kolkata. We also have two other sites, one is Kolkata24x7 Bengali which is Kolkata’s number one web portal in Bengali , also our parent portal and the other one is Kolkata24x7 Hindi.