Journalists Accompanying CM Mamata Caught Stealing From Luxury Hotel


Kolkata: Senior journalists from India were caught on CCTV cameras of a hotel in London while allegedly stealing silver cutlery during an official dinner meet. According to reports, these journalists were accompanying West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on her London tour and the incident happened during a dinner meet in her honour.

According to Outlook reports say that the security staff of the luxury hotel in London were baffled when they saw the CCTV footage of the event. The footage reportedly showed a senior well-known journalist of a Bengali newspaper picking up a set of dessert spoons off the table and putting it into his pocket. reports say that the journalist is a regular on Mamata’s foreign tours.

Following this, several other Indian journalists in the group did the same and stuffed silver cutlery in their bags and pockets.

After looking at the CCTV footage, the security staff of the London hotel reportedly confronted all of these journalists and asked them politely to return the stolen cutlery.

Reports say that all of them, embarrassed, returned the cutlery, except for one who thought he may have gotten away with it.

However, since every single action was caught on CCTV cameras, the journalist couldn’t escape for too long and admitted to his act. The journalists have been fine 50 pounds for stealing the silver cutlery reportedly.