Jordan executes 2 al-Qaida prisoners in response to ISIS


Amman: In a swift response to the execution of a Jordanian Fighter Pilot who was burnt alive in a cage by the ISIS, the Government executed two al-Qaida prisoners prisoner by hanging them.

The two prisoners included a would be female suicide bomber from al-Qaida, sajida-al-Rishawi whose release was demanded by the militants in exchange of the Jordanian pilot’s life.

Street demonstrations and public outrage was sparked off in Jordan after the cruel execution of the pilot. The video was released after a week long drama over a possible prisoner exchange for al-Rishawi.

The death of the 26 year old pilot Lt. Muath Al Kaseasbeh was confirmed by the Jordanian Military. The pilot was captured in December when his F-16 crashed while he was a part of a US led mission against the ISIS.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II and President Barack Obama met a the white house and vowed not to let go of the fight against the Islamic State.