JMB Leader Planning Dangerous Terror Attacks In B’desh


Dhaka: Salauddin Salehi has been elected as the head of the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen terror faction. And it is being reported that he is planning terror attacks in Bangladesh from India itself.

Such a shocking revelation has been done by t he anti-terror section called Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC). They have even said that on the other hand, Sohel Mahfuz has been appointed as the ‘New JMB’ terror group’s head after Salehi left it. They are both hiding in India and planning for an attack in Bangladesh.

Both the names of Salauddin Salehi and Sohel Mehfuz were in the news after the Khagragarh blast case in 2014. Another top terrorist leader Mizan, involved in the Khagragarh blast case is also absconding. The detectives believe that he is even hiding in India.

Is Salauddin hiding in West Bengal? salaguddin-salehiIs he planning for any terror attack? As per several sources, the Indian detective agencies are concerned about the situations prevailing in West Bengal and Assam. The terrorists have even made terror plans at the border of the two states.

The Bangladesh has strictly dealt with terrorist activities, such as the neutralizing top-leader Tamim Choudhury and Akash. Next target would be against Major Jiya, a terrorist commander. To curtail this, continuous raids are being conducted. Thus, as per the Bangladesh police, it is normal to believe that such situation would leave the two leaders compelled to stay in India and make terror plans.

The detectives said that Salauddin, who took control of the JMB, has more dangerous terror plans that the ‘New JMB’. Manirul Islam, head of the Bangladesh’s anti-trab-1-300x165error group said that the JMB terror faction is facing lot of difficulties due to the regular raids. They do not possess the amount of financial support and manpower required to fight against them. Hence Salauddin would make such plans to regain the power for his group.

Salauddin was held much before over terror links. The JMB militants had forcefully freed him and another terrorist Boma Mizan from Maymansingh. Farook, leader of the faction leading such snatching of terrorists, is already under the custody of Kolkata Police. Important information has been received from him. Using that information, the detectives believe that, Salauddin is on his way to make a big terror attack in Bangladesh from terror hideout in India.


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