Your Jio SIM Is Not Compatible With The Nokia 3310 Device

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New Delhi: Two of the most popular show-stealers this season have been Nokia 3310 and Reliance’s Jio Prime plans. Both of these new introductions have made their respective impacts in the market. They hold a few similarities too, especially just how affordable a price they come at. However, if you’re planning on pairing the Nokia 3310 with a Jio SIM card then we have some bad news for you.

Just as tempting as the idea of pairing one of the cheapest devices with the least expensive wireless data service sounds, in reality — it’s not possible to do so. The Nokia 3310, as we all know, is a feature handset that works on the age-old 2G network. This has been recognised as one of the biggest flaws in Nokia’s comeback lion. At the same time, Reliance Jio is all about the advancing technology that provides fast and enhanced 4G network solutions.
The only way Jio users can possibly use the Nokia 3310 is by getting another SIM card from yet another Telecomm operator such as Vodafone or Airtel.

Nokia’s plans with it’s 3310 device haven’t exactly been about getting aligned with the progressive technology. While they attempt at fulfilling that with their other, recently-launched, Android-enabled smartphones, the same does not apply to the Nokia 3310. The market is simply hit with nostalgia ever since the rumours regarding the revival of Nokia 3310 started and that’s all there is to the device.

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If you are the kind who is frustrated with the highly-advanced technologically-driven environment then Nokia 3310 is surely your answer. But if you are looking forward to make use of WhatsApp and stream HD content at ultra-fast speeds, then you might as well stick to your Android or Apple smartphone.