Jinnah Was Messiah Of Hindu-Muslim Unity: Netaji’s Grandson

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Kolkata: Ahead of the crucial 2019 Lok Sabha polls,where BJP is all set with positivity to form the next government in the center. In the meantime, a controversial comment by BJP’s state vice-president Chandrakumar Basu has hit the ceiling for the party.

Netaji’s grandson posted a Facebook post a few days ago, opposing BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Rupa Ganguly. Here, Chandrakumar Basu in reply to a question of Rajkumar Dasgupta said, “Jinnah was the Messiah of Hindu-Muslim unity until 1940. When he realized that the Muslim League will not get a share of power in independent India, he proposed the Lahore Congress for Pakistan. At that time, the Congress had isolated Muslims.”

He also wrote, “At that time Congress was actually a Hindu party. Congress then never represented people other religion.” His comments has put the self-claimed Hindutva party BJP in trouble.

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Bangladesh is also largely determined by the Muslims. But Hindus from Bangladesh will get a place in India in West Bengal.”

Few days ago, BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Rupa Ganguly while addressing media stated on NRC issue, “During the partition it was decided that Pakistan will be a Muslim country, Bangladesh was also set as a Muslim nation. But it was said that Hindus from Bangladesh will get a place in India in West Bengal.” Opposing Rupa’s statement, BJP’s state vice-president wrote on Facebook, “Honoring the respected MP I state that, India’s Muslims have fought for India and it’s unity. Muslims have also took part in Azad Hind Fauj and fought for the country. Partition was made due to some communal leaders. India is always for Indians.”

Earlier, Chandrakumar Bose has spoken to Kolkata 24×7 on NRC issue. He said, “Neither nation nor Bengal was divided as Shyama Prasad wanted it to be.Either India or Bengal can not be the homeland for only Hindus.India is always for the Indians. The dream of Hindu State is unrealistic. It does not matter what the person said. I have joined BJP watching Narendra Modi.As he says ‘Sabka Vikaas.”