Jessica Lall’s Sister Forgives Killer, Doesn’t Object to Release


New Delhi: Sabrina Lall, Jessica Lall’s sister, has forgiven Siddhartha Vashistha better known as Manu Sharma and has no objection to his early release.

Responding to a letter from Tihar Central Jail, where Sharma is serving life imprisonment, Sabrina Lall said, “I would like to state I have no objection to his release, owing to the fact that he has spent 15 years in jail.”

“I’ve been fighting for this since 1999. He has spent 15 years in jail. You need to let go of anger, of baggage. I thought it is okay if Manu Sharma walks free. There is no specific reason. You need to rest your mind & move on with your life, ”says Sabrina Lall.

Notably, the Lalls didn’t take financial assistance Sabrina Lall in the letter to prison refused financial assistance from victim welfare fund and asked the jail officials to give it to someone who needs it more. The murder of Jessica Lall by former Union Minister Venod Sharma’s son had grabbed nationwide attention.

Sabrina added she learned Sharma was involved in charity work, and it shows he is being reformed. A jail officer wrote to Sabrina regarding “compensation and release of Sidhartha Vashishta s/o Venod Sharma convicted in FIR no 287/1999 under section 302 IPC”.

Lall said Sharma has served his sentence and it will be a “catharsis to forgive and move on”.

“I have never met him or any of his family members. I was very upset and hurt, and for many years, we [she and her parents] were quite angry,”“But I think he has served enough for the crime he had committed. My parents passed away years ago. I do not want to hold a grudge and anger against him anymore.”

Prison officials have claimed Sharma is associated with an NGO working for the rehabilitation of prisoners and their children. He also reportedly helps inmates’ children with their education.

As per sources Sharma was recently moved to an “open jail”, where he can leave at 8 am and return after a day’s work at 6 pm. The report added that prison officials regard the move to an open jail as a step before an inmate is released. However, the report also added that Sharma was not found at the office of the non-governmental organisation that was listed as his work place, and that the office had been vacant for around eight months.