‘Jealous People Litter To Earn Bad Name For City’


Kolkata: To keep the city clean, chief minister Mamata Banerjee has asked the clubs to come forward and help keep it clean and make the citizens aware. She said, “Some jeolous people do these to earn a bad name for the city.” The CM was speaking about the regular littering in streets and newly constructions, the recent being the skywalk at Dakshineshwar.

Within 24 hours of the inauguration of the skywalk, the wall was filled with the red splatters of Gutkha. Soon after the incident, the Dakshineshwar Achi Parishad took responsibility to keep the skywalk clean. New rule was started. With the use of CCTV, anyone found littering will be caught, asked to clean and fined Rs 5000.

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On the day of Kali puja, one was caught, was made to clean and then left off. Citing this incident, the CM at a programme at Nabanna said, “Throwing litters, gutkha peaks at different walls in the city has become a habit which cannot go on. Using money of common people, beautiful constructions are made, and then those will be made dirty. This will not be tolerated anymore.”

CM Mamata invited the clubs in the city to come forward to stop these malpractices. She said, “Let the clubs take extra initiative to increase the awareness of the society.” If these also do not work, then the administration will take strict measures in the future.

The CM said, “There are many who cannot tolerate their surroundings as beautiful. They become jealous. They throw peaks to make the clean places dirty.” She also requested the intelligent common people to come forward.