Jaya Shares Mamata’s Distorted Image, Lands Into Controversy


Kolkata: Former TMCP president Jaya Dutta landed into controversy on Tuesday after sharing chief minister Mamata Banerjee’s distorted picture in her own facebook

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August 28 is the foundation day of TMCP and the TMC has arranged a major programme at the Mayo Road. Mamata Banerjee will be the main speaker. Party youth president Avishek Banerjee will also give speech on Tuesday.

It is being presumed that the CM will announce the name of TMCP president from the Mayo Road rally. But much before that, Jaya found herself in controversy after she posted distorted pictures of the party supremo. It needs to be seen what effect this has on the rally on Tuesday.

It needs mention that last year these posters of the CM was printed and posted in several areas. But immediately they were taken down considering the images being distorted. The party clearly stated that no distorted picture of the CM can be printed or published.

However, no statement from Jaya Dutta was received.