Japanese Org To Provide Rs 960 Cr In Purulia Water Project


Purulia: The Bengal Government has taken up a huge project to supply purified drinking water to almost 10 lakh families of Purulia. Japanese organization JICA will provide Rs 960 crore for the project.

The Detailed Project Report regarding the water project was prepared by the State Public Health Engineering department. According to the DPR, water will be taken from Kumari River near Manbazar in Purulia and will be treated to make it consumable.

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The water plant will be constructed at Manbazar. After its completion, the plant will produce around 70 lakh million gallons of purified drinking water. The water will be supplied to households through pipelines to almost 10 lakh people in Purulia Municipality area and the Panchayat areas of five other blocks.

In near future around 20 blocks will be connected with pipelined purified drinking water and as a result, the people will avail the service even during the times of draught.