Janmashtami’s Rally Will Show Strength Of Hindus In Bengal: VHP

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Kolkata: Biswa Hindu Parishad has planned to celebrate the Srikrishna’s birthday, the auspicious Janmastami on Sunday. Procession will be organised throughout West Bengal.

Purbanchal secretary of the organisation Sachin Singha said to Kolkata 24X7 that, ” Procession and rally has been organised in almost every part of the State.” The concerned person said, approximate 1000 people will join each procession.”

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What About the Janmashtami Procession ?

Will Saffron supporters lead a arm rally ? He said, “No. Nobosy will carry arms with them. Krishna holds different identity and energy in West Bengal. So keeping the religious flavour, procedssion will be organised. Children will participate in the procession in different characters.”

Last year picture were different as people organised a rally with arms. Intellectual sector of West Bengal said, there is a political instigation behind this religious procession. The oppositions said that its not about tribute, its about power-play.

Ignoring the facts Vishwa Hindu Parishad authority said that, “there is no political matter. The sole aim of the celebration to unite the Hindus but definitely a matter of power-play is there. But this will set an example to the anti-Hindu people.”