Jammu’s Cold Breaks 71-Years-Old Record


Srinagar: With the minimum temperature settling at barely half a degree Celsius above the freezing point, Jammu city on Sunday recorded its coldest day since 1945, the weatherman said on Monday.

People in Jammu continued to shiver as throughout the past week, with dense fog and chilly wave affecting their lives on Monday.

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The weather office has forecast chilly days in Jammu till January 27.

“Foggy weather accompanied by chilly wind will continue in Jammu city till 27th of this month,” said Sonam Lotus, director of J&K meteorological department.

The dense fog forced cancellation and rescheduling of trains to and from Jammu city. The air traffic also remained suspended due to poor visibility. Motorists used headlights and blinkers to caution the vehicles ahead in the fog-blanketed city.