Jamai Shasthi: A Gorgeous Day Of Antacids


Piku Mukherjee, Kolkata: We say ‘baro mash e tero parbon’ and Jamai Shashti already have registered in the list of parbons. A full day dedicated to mollycoddling and over feeding son-in-laws.

As has been the tradition, hilsa remains the most popular fish for the occasion with delicacies such as ilish bhapa, ilish paturi, pabda sorshe and chingri malaikari being some of the must have elements of the Jamai Shasthi platter.

Fish delicacies such as “Vetki vapa”, “sorshe chingri” ‘Katla Kalia’ are some of the supreme elements of the Jamai Shasthi platter but tthese delicious dishes are set to burn a hole in the pockets of many middle-class households on Tuesday.

Every Sasuma’s prepare at least five different fish recipes with chiken or motton. Jamai also welcomed with Misti, Dai and many more sweet dishes. Apart from fish, fruits like mango and litchi have also been served to the plate.

The plate is also surrounded by little katoris (bowls) full of different delicacies, vegetarian and non-vegetarian, and the jamai has to perform the supremely important task of the day eat as much as he can. The whole ritual underlines what is at the centre of all Bengali rituals and celebrations a grand meal.

But the twist is Kolkata-the city of joy and West Bengal after bearing a record-breaking maximum temperature on Monday at 40.6 degree Celsius, faceing yet another heat wave on Jamaisasthi. So all the son-in-law’s who have planed to eat as much as they can, kindly don’t forget to eat Antacids after filling the tummy full. It would be a safe step to remain healthy and hearty after grand ‘Bhuribhoj.’