Jam-Packed Poush Mela In Santiniketan On Khristo Utsav


Santiniketan: People are participating in Poush Mela in Santiniketan with loaded enthusiasm and that continues on Christmas Day. The crowd in Santiniketan grabbed attention on this day. Numorous tourists have gathered to witness the celebration of Khrishto Utsav along with Poush mela.

Khristo Utsav was observed with due solemnity at Visva Bharti where both students and teachers took part in the prayer. The students sang songs to observe the day. The festival was introduced by Rabindranath Tagore, who had spoken about universal religion.

Tuesday was the third day of Poush Mela. It has started on December 23. As most of the people are in holiday, so the crowd left behind many many celebration and grabbed the attention of people.

It took the audience back to the Christmas celebration of 25 December 1910, when Tagore initiated Christo Utsav in Santiniketan.

Tagore’s reflection on Christianity as expressed in a series of Christmas Day sermons that started in Santiniketan in 1910 show how important Jesus and Christianity were to him. His interpretation of Christ’s life and teaching was entirely unconnected with any Christian church though.

In a letter to his friend, Charles Freer Andrew, a Christian missionary, educator and social reformer in India, Tagore wrote, “I have read your book on Christ. It made me think. The mode of expression in a Christian Life is in love which works, in that of a Hindu it is in love which contemplates, enjoys the spiritual emotion as an end in itself. The attitude of mind that realises the super-human in a human setting has rendered a great service to civilization, just as its perversion has been the cause of an awful and widespread mischief.