Jalpaiguri Tea Garden Workers Stand By Kerala Victims


Jalpaiguri: At least 2400 labourers of Jalpaiguri’s Denguajhar tea garden have lent
out support to the flood-hit Kerala victims. These labourers were pained to see the
situation in Kerala every day on television and newspapers. This led them to take
the decision of providing help to the victims.

These labourers have come forward to help the Kerala victims as according to their
respective capabilities. They decided to put a donation box beside the tea-garden
office. People contributed according to their capabilities and this is how they
created their fund. A sum of rupees 25,001 was collected in the donation box. The
labourers have handed over this fund to the Jalpaiguri district magistrate.

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The draft to this money was handed over to the Jalpaiguri district magistrate
Shilpa Gauri Sariyar by the labourers. One of the tea garden labourer said, “We
decided to put a donation box in office. Contributions will be made based on their
respective capabilities. Money started accumulating. After that we opened the box
and assembled the money. We went to the bank and made a draft of it and then gave
it to the DM on Friday. We are very happy for being able to do this work.”

On the other hand, the DM said, “The labourers of Denguajhar tea garden handed over
a draft of Rs. 25,001 to me to send to the Kerala CM’s relief fund. I have have
assured that I will send it to the proper address.”