Jalpaiguri Lok Sabha Constituency: Candidates For 2019 LS Poll


For the longest time Jalpaiguri Lok Sabha constituency had a single winner in Congress. But from 1980 to 2009, Left-ruled the roost with likes of Minati Sen winning thrice at a row. As the Left has slowly got relegated to the fringes of Bengal politics, Jalpaiguri too has seen a sea change. Even in 2014 LS and 2016 Assembly elections, Left was the second biggest force. Not any more. In 2019, it is BJP candidate Jayanta Ray who can give a good fight against sitting TMC MP Bijoy Chandra Barman.

Candidates Identity:

1. Bijoy Chandra Barman
Political party : Trinamool Congress
Age : 61 years
Education : MA, BED
Occupation : Asst.Register
Political Career : He has been associated with politics since college. He was also associated with politics at the University.
Hobbies : Politics
Wife’s Name : Krishna Barman, High School Teacher
After Win: Establishment of New Colleges

2. Manikumar Darnal
Political party : Congress
Age : 61 years
Education : PU Pass
Occupation : Worker’s leader
Political Career : A long association with tea-labor organization
Hobbies : Strengthen the organization
After win : Minimum wage increases of tea workers, open tea garden and adopt policies for the benefit of poor working people.

3. Bhagirath Roy
Political party : Left front
Age : 61 years
Education : MA, B. Ed
Occupation : Retired teacher
Political Career : Associated with the cultural organization and science movement
Hobbies : The practice of folk culture
After Win : To take policy in the interest of the people

4. Jayanta Roy
Political party : BJP
Age : 51 years
Education : MBBS (MD)
Occupation : doctor
Political Career : Not known
Hobbies : The practice of folk culture
After win : Give special importance to the overall health services of North Bengal