Jalpaiguri Administration To Increase Vigil On Commercial Vehicles Movement


Jalpaiguri: To reduce the number of accidents and overloading, Jalpaiguri Administration held a meeting on Tuesday. Following the order of West Bengal government, A Task Force team has been formed where DM is leading the group.

There are several bridges in Jalpaiguri which are in dilapidated condition. Apart from this, there are highways that connects many other places where overloaded trucks and vehicles are ignoring the condition of the bridges.

In the meeting the officials came with a decision, if the commercial vehicles does not follow the set of rules, they will be fined and the vehicles will be ceased.

Cars are being checked at the border area. The pace of checking will be increased with growing time. The administration said that “92 cars have been detained and legal case has been filed against them.”

After the collapse of Majerhat bridge and another two bridge collapsed in Siliguri, administration expressed apprehension over the happenings. As safety measure they are taking aiming the security of the people.