‘Jal Nupur’ Actor Rony Chakroborty dies mysteriously


Kolkata: Following the death of Bengali actress Disha Ganguly, another actor Rony Chakraborty died mysteriously on Friday night. As per the report Rony’s dead body was recovered from a pond at Survey Park area on Friday night, his motor bike was parked near the pond.

The circumstances under which Rony died are not yet clear. Police launched an investigation to ascertain the cause of the death. On the other hand his family members claimed that Rony was a good swimmer.

Rony, who played a leading role at the Bengali serial ‘Jol Nupur’, had reportedly gone for a swim with his friends after shooting on Friday late night. His friends informed police after Rony disappeared in the pond.

However, it is still not clear why the actor went for a swim so late in the night, and despite being a good swimmer drowned in the pond.