Jadhav’s Alleged Espionage Doubted By Former Pak Min?


New Delhi: External Affairs Sushma Swaraj raising questions on former naval officer Kulbhushan Jadhav’s death sentence on Tuesday claimed that  “A senior Pakistan leader has himself expressed doubts about the adequacy of claims in this case.”

The leader in question is Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Sartaj Aziz who in December 2016 told the Pak government that there was insufficient evidence substantiating Jadhav’s alleged espionage. The statement was revived again on Tuesday’s Lok Sabha proceedings.

Aziz’s statements prove to be opposite to the claims made by Pakistan Defence Minister Khwaja Asif. The Defence Minister on Monday claimed that Jadhav’s death sentence has been done according to the law.

In December 2016, speaking to the senate, Pakistan Foreign Minister Sartaj Aziz said that, “It is not that material has been provided and it is lacking in English and we are overcoming it. The material, in our view, was insufficient. What the dossier contained on Indian spy Kulbhushan Yadav were mere statements. It did not have any conclusive evidence. Now, it is up to the concerned authorities how long they take to give us more matter on the agent.”

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Speaking on the issue, the Pakistan Defence Minister on Monday said that Pakistan would reply on the issue of Jadhav’s death sentence if the issue would be raised by India.”Jadhav’s confession was a public document. He came from the approval of the Indian government.there is no doubt that India is fuelling terrorism in Pakistan,” Khawaja Asif was quoted by Geo News.

Asif further added that “Those plotting against Pakistan will not be spared.”

Speaking in the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday, Sushma Swaraj warned Pakistan and said that the Pakistan government must consider the consequences of the bilateral relationship between both the countries. Swaraj further added that the charges against the former Naval officer are “Ridiculous” adding that “this is an act of premeditated murder.”

Calling him as the son of India, Swaraj said that the Indian government will go out of the way to save Jadhav and if required, will also escalate the matter to the President. The Pakistan Military on Monday sentenced Kulbhushan Jadhav to death and a statement regarding the same was released by the media wing of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Public Relation.

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