Jadavpur LS Constituency: Candidates For 2019 LS Poll


Kolkata: Now the billion doller question is that Will popular Bengali actress and TMC actress Mimi Chakraborty join this illustrious club or will it be former Kolkata Mayor Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya? Or will BJP’s Anupam Hazra who till recently was with TMC have the last laugh?

Congress has not given any candidate and has given their support to erudite Bikash Bhattacharya. According to Mamata Banerjee, Bikash Bhattacharya ‘looks like Uttam Kumar (popular bengali hero of past) but didn’t perform as Kolkata mayor’.

The seven assembly segments under Jadavpur Lok Sabha are Baruipur Purba (SC), Baruipur Paschim, Sonarpur Dakshin, Bhangar, Jadavpur, Sonarpur Uttar and Tollyganj. Except Jadavpur, all the assembly segments are with TMC. Hence on paper it is expected to be a smooth ride. Mimi’s ‘mentor’ and state Minister Arup Biswas is handling the entire campaign for her. Post delimitation, Jadavpur is much more a rural constituency with the inclusion of Bhangar. TMC leader Arabul Islam is again prepared to give the party a huge lead from Bhangar like last time.

But there are certain factors which are keeping TMC worried. First is the profile of Bikash Bhattacharya. Bikash is a consummate lawyer-politician known for taking up serious issues. Will the politically aware middle-class Bengalis of Jadavpur, Tollyganj, Sonarpur, and Baruipur accept Mimi over the noted lawyer.

In Bhangar, where there was a massive protest against land acquisition, the CPI(Ml) Red Stars are fully backing Bikash Bhattacharya. So TMC’s strategy of getting a massive lead from Bhangar has that big ‘if’. Still TMC has the better ground game and is expected to prevail.

Also in fray, is BJP’s Anupam Hazra. Anupam created a stir by meeting his fomer party member Anubrata Mondal in the campaign trail. Many believe that dented his credibility as a serious candidate. Anupam is also largely seen as an outsider as he is from Bolpur. In the last week, the fiasco regarding the destruction of Vidyasagar’s statue is also likely to be a factor among the undecided voters who make a call at the last moment.