It’s Time To Bid Adieu To NAL Saras


New Delhi: It’s time to say good bye to the indigenous effort of building the light transport plane, The ministry stopped funding and asked the National Aeronautics Limited to relieve the Saras program. The government allotted nearly 300 crores to build the indigenous light transporter, which can carry three crew and fourteen passengers. two prototypes were built, one was crashed other remain grounded.

The Saras project initiated after serious discussions from government leaders as well as military leaders, In early 1990, there is a requirement of more than 300 light weight transporter for both civilian and military purpose. Government asked the Russian to support the Saras program early 1991, Due to financial troubles Russians withdrew from the projects early stage.

Serious troubles were found in the program once the Russians withdrew from the project, NAL and the adviser CSIR- Council for Scientific and Industrial Research drafted plans to build the aircraft with own technology and idea with small support from foreign technicians and assistance from ex aviation experts.