Its Death, Death And Only Death In Bengal: Modi

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Kolkata: Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his poll rally in West Bengal today goes all out against Trinamool Congress and Left Front.

Launching salvos after salvos at Mamta Banerjee led government in a rally at Madarihat in Jalpaiguri district, PM said that it is death, death and death everywhere, be it the death of tea workers due to starvation or the murders and rapes.

Earlier I heard it was Maa, Maati and Manush now it is money and money only.” He PM takes jibe.

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Taking a dig at Mamata Banerjee for skipping several meeting held by the Centre, PM said that let Mamata declare are her grievances against the government of India.

“She is boycotting the meeting convened by Centre because of her bias against me, and this is taking a toll on the state’s development.” He added.

Didi takes Sonia’s blessing every time she visits Delhi but never bother to talk to the central government even if it means harm to Bengal.” Modi said.

Attacking Mamata Banerjee on the Posta flyover collapse, Modi accused her of politicizing the issue.

“Instead of saving the dying people, Mamata’s first comment was that the flyover was left Front’s project.” Modi said.

“Had the project been completed, Didi would have inaugurated the bridge and digest the credit. The collapse is not an act of god but an act of fraud.”

“It is the government of India who has provided subsidized rice for the people and Didi has taken the credit.” Modi said.

PM Modi in his speech said that the government will protest the interest of Bangladeshi Hindus, who have been forced to leave their homes due to immense atrocities heaped on them.

He said that the burden of these refugees will be distributed evenly within the country and Assam and West Bengal will not be the only states to bear the pressure.

However, he made it clear that illegal Bangladeshi migrants will have to leave the country.

Taking hit on the Congress and left, Pm Modi said that for 34 years they have ruined the state.

“Just give us five years and we will show you what development is. The states ruled by BJP have excelled in every aspect. Let me ask votes for the future of this state,” Modi said.

PM concluded his speech saying that the people should vote BJP to power for the sake of development in West Bengal and let the state gain its lost reputation again.