It’s A State Of Super Emergency: Derek O’brien


New Delhi: Trinamool Congress spokesperson Derek O’brien after the reprerhending situation in Assam on Thursday slammed the act of Assam Administration faced by TMC delegation team in Assam on National Registers Of Citizen.

Talking to the media he said, “Super emergency state is running in country.” MP Sukhendu Sekhar Roy gone through a surgery and placed with a pacemaker. Police has pushed him. MLA Mahua Mitra faced misbehaviour.

Entire delegation team has been manhandled by the Assam Police. I condemned the running situation and the incident took place. Our delegation wanted to go in couple. But Police didn’t agree.” He added, TMC delegation have decided to stay in Airport.

The entire team has been ‘attacked’ soon afte reaching Assam’s Silchar Airport. They were supposed to attend Citizen Convention. Amidst the imposition of 144 in Assam and Silchar six people moved together. Assam administration shown violent attitude towards TMC delegation.