ITBP Will Not March At Rajpath During R-Day Parade


New Delhi: The Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), which has won the best marching contingent award at the Republic Day parade many times before, has been kept out of the show for two years in a row so that this specialist high-altitude force does not steal the limelight from other regiments.

The Ministry of Home Affairs had tried its best to push for the participation of ITBP Marching contingent but had to accept the final decision of the Ministry of Defence that is responsible for parade selection as ITBP’s achievement has not gone down well with some regiments, top sources said.

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The force had also thought of a never before seen unique ‘high altitude patrol tableau’ in the parade. Though the elite ITBP troops will not be seen at Rajpath, the Crack K-9 units of the force would work behind the scenes, away from the limelight and media glare to quietly secure the venue and ensure that the PM, other VVIPs and citizens/spectators are safe during this Republic Day held under the highest threat perception.

The PM Security Wing had placed requisition to MHA for the largest ever deployment of ITBP dogs in keeping with pinpoint threats from Pak-based groups to create mayhem with IEDs during this event that reflects national prestige. The terror groups also want to send a message that they are not down and out due to drying up of funds due to Modi’s demonetisation drive.

MHA sources declined to provide the number of ITBP dogs that have been scrambled for this eve{mosimage}nt. The Aaj Tak team have seen the Crack K-9 ITBP dogs using their noses everyday in cold winter mornings and in the dead of the night trying to “sniff terror with zero error”. Though the public will not be able to see the elite and physically-tough ITBP troops marching down the Rajpath, they can surely feel safe knowing that ITBP dogs have secured the area where they would witness the pomp and splendour of military might, unseen, unheard and unsung.