Israeli Arab Paraglides to Syria


Tel Aviv: Israel says one of its Israeli Arab citizens deliberately paraglided into Syria, amid reports of intensive Israeli aerial operations overnight.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has threatened to revoke the man’s citizenship amid speculation he was trying to join a Syrian rebel group.

Witnesses reported intensive activity in the border area, including Israeli aircraft dropping illumination flares.

Israel officially maintains a neutral stance on the Syrian conflict.

Its citizens are banned from travelling there, but a small number of Israeli Arab citizens are understood to have gone to fight in Syria nonetheless – though few arrive by air.

It was believed that the man who flew into Syria on Saturday night was from Jaljulia, a mainly Muslim Arab town north-west of Tel Aviv, the military said.

The military said it had been unable to find the man despite intensive searches in the area where he landed near the Golan Heights – an area in south-western Syria annexed by Israel in 1981, in a move not recognised internationally.

Source: BBC