Israel Launches Airstrike As 2 Missiles Strike Near Damascus Airport


Damascus: Reports say the Israeli Air Force (IAF) attempted to target an Iranian cargo plane that was unloading at Damascus International Airport.

Alleged footage on social media of the strike seem to show the missiles striking a target, but local reports say nothing was hit.

In response to the attack, the Syrian Air Defence attempted to down the Israeli missiles over eastern Damascus.

There is no confirmation about whether they were intercepted. The local National Defence Forces (NDF) in the Al-Quneitra Governorate reported at least one powerful explosion occurred above the northern part of the province.

Some reports claim the explosion was a result of a Syrian air defence missile hitting an Israeli drone above the northern part of Al-Quneitra.

There are currently no reports of casualties. The attack comes seven days after Israel reportedly hit pro Iran Iraqi militia in Bu Kamalm Syria. Russia, the US and Jordan have all tried to save a ceasefire in South Syria.