Islamic State Designs ‘AIDS Bomb’

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Istanbul: The Islamic State (ISIS) known for its sinister ploy to fan terror by brutal executions and mass murders has devised a sinister weapon ‘AIDS Bomb’. he Kurdish Syrian ARA news reported that Islamic State leadership has plans to send 16 of its fighters on suicide missions after they were tested positive for AIDS.

Most of the 16 men are foreign fighters and were infected after they had sexual intercourse with two Moroccan women. Fearing execution, the two women have reportedly escaped to Turkey. The infected men are currently being kept in isolation at a quarantine center in the city of Shaddadi in Hasakah province of Syria even as preparations are under way to use them as suicide bombers.

Earlier, there was a report of a similar spread of AIDS in Islamic State fighters after an Indonesia fighter passed the disease to a sex slave who was later sold on. He had also donated blood for transfusion. He was executed in June.

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Following the incidents, the Islamic State has ordered AIDS screening for their troops. Anyone found infected will have only mission – blow himself up!